Citizenship by Investment:
The Multiple Benefits of an Additional Passport

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In an increasingly global yet uncertain world, investing for second residency and citizenship has been in great demand. Investment citizenship gives you travel freedom, as some passports give you visa-free travel to many destinations.

Of course there are much more advantages in having additional passports, among them: to obtain better treatment in legal or tax matters; to facilitate international business and expand your investment horizons; for having a place where to reside legally and with all the rights in the event of political or social instability in your homeland.

Let's summarize some of the Citizen by Investment Programs considered the fastest and easiest to apply for

A chain of 80 islands in the south Pacific to the east of Australia, is part of the Commonwealth


Vanuatu passport is considered the fastest passport in the World: by donating USD 130,000 to Vanuatu Development Support Fund (DSP) you are entitled to obtain your passport in less than 45 days. The required investment for a family of four is USD 180,000 plus fees. Required documentation is simple, and there is no need to relocate. With this passport you can travel to over 140 countries around the world.

On the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. Portuguese World Heritage is evidence of many centuries of culture and of universal history.

The Portuguese European Permanent Residency And Citizenship Golden Visa Program is one of the easiest immigration services into the European Union, offering flexibility and high guaranteed returns on funds invested. The new minimum investment requirement is USD 350,000.

Besides the classical Golden Visa program, Portugal grants Portuguese Nationality to Sephardim who can prove that they have descended from Portuguese Jews and maintain some connection with Portugal.

The cradle of civilizations. Linking Europe with Asia, bordering 8 countries. One of the top leading countries in the world in attracting Foreign Direct Investment.

Turkish Citizenship can be obtained by purchasing a property in the country that is worth a minimum USD 250.000, or by depositing USD 500,000, or the Lira equivalent into a Turkish bank account. Spouse and children who are less than 18 years old will also be granted Turkish Citizenship. Your Turkish Citizenship will remain throughout your life, and your children will be born as Turkish Citizens. You can keep multiple citizenship along with your Turkish Citizenship. A valuable opportunity this citizenship brings is the capability to relocate to the USA and UK potentially, via different immigration routes by being Turkish citizen.⠀

The Spice island.
The Government of Grenada welcome qualified investors to benefit from the long-term development and the upcoming prosperity of the country.


Last year, Grenada topped the best Citizenship by Investment programs in the world due to its low pricing, powerful passport and E-2 treaty with the US among other benefits. One of the ways to this program is through investing a minimum of USD 350,000 in an approved real estate project. Another option is to make a non-refundable contribution of  USD 150,000 to Grenada’s National Transformation Fund.

Grenada has signed an agreement with the European Union to facilitate visa-free travel for Grenadian citizens in Schengen countries. Grenada is also one of the few countries to have a visa-free agreement with China.

The third largest island in the Mediterranean. South of Turkey, west of Lebanon, north of Egypt.
First language of Cyprus is Greek, but nearly everybody speaks English.

The Cyprus EU Citizenship Program Is a fast-track entry into the European Union. The program, enacted by the Cyprus Government in the last few years, rightfully renders Cyprus as the “jurisdiction of choice” for many high net worth individuals and their families who decide to live, invest and set up their business in Cyprus, an EU-member state. It boasts one of the easiest and fastest immigration services into Europe, where most cases are completed within a period of two months.  Recent revisions have made the Cyprus Investment Program more beneficial for investors and families.

All of these programs offer variations and alternatives, like investment by creating an enterprise, buying government bonds and son on. Here at Globo Consulting we can assist you in all those alternatives, on the best investment opportunities, as well as in many other jurisdictions offering attractive citizenship programs.

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