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Citizenship & Relocation

Globo Consultings’ citizenship team has over 10 years firsthand experience in offering unique citizenship / residence programs worldwide, in the European Union, the Caribbean and Latin America to a multitude of families and individuals looking for better life benefits, better live styles, visa free countries to travel, and reduced tax rates for personal or business income

Consultancy Services

Experience, knowledge, and a wide international network, allow us to provide superiors advise on legal, tax, financial structuring, wealth and legacy planning, compliance programs, and international arbitration

Corporate Office Services

We act as a single front desk between international financial services providers and our clients and intermediaries. Adding value on fiduciary services, reviewing international cross border contracts, drafting corporate government principles for family business, managing legal investment protection structures and state of the art solutions from the financial industry
About us

Highly Sophisticated Consultancy Boutique

Globo Consulting is an independent and highly sophisticated consultancy boutique providing legal, tax, financial structuring and family consulting services, with the possibility to outsource the relationship management of different professionals from the financial industry.

We advise individuals and families in business with local and/or international operations aiming for efficient, tailor made, state of the art solutions, that protect and improve their business profitability.

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15+ Years of Experience

About us

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Our Mission

To be the leading provider of integrated solutions to Latin America
Services Our Vision Management

Globo Consulting’s commitment to continuous knowledge development, efficiency and quality allows our clients to focus on their core businesses. The accomplishment of our client's goals constitutes our main focus. We achieve this by building a trustworthy relationship with our clients based on three pillars:


We grow with our Client. By keeping the focus on the Client, we expand our knowledge of his business and interests and help out on  legal tax, financial structuring and Family level. Through the practical application of different available concepts, we offer a strategy where ideas are converted into real solutions.

  • Service-provider relationship management
  • Front office to all your service providers
  • Provision of supporting documentation for international transactions
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We grow with our client by keeping the focus on their goals.

The main difference between Statistic and Statistics is that the Statistic is a single measure of some attribute of a sample and Statistics is a study of the collection.
Our work flow

We adapt our delivery to the way your work, whether as a provider or receiver


To review means to look back over something.

It’s always a joy to hear that the work I do has been positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their great experience.
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Our Team

We draw on our global network to assemble a team of experts.

We also bring a strong interest in coaching and capability building, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and effective stakeholder relationships.

Angélica Espinoza

Operations Support Officer

Santiago Goiri


Simon Tejeira


Luis Ghinaglia

Financial Consultant

Mimoun A. Assraoui

Head of Citizenship Programs

Gerardo Ponce

Head of International Arbitraje

Anil Birajdar

Head of Asia Fiduciary Services

René Dorta Franceschi

IT manager. Content Producer

Collaborate Consulting exists to find the place where to being seemingly disparate interests meet. From that point of the connection, we create platforms.

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We grow with our Client. By keeping the focus on the Client, we expand our knowledge

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