Digital Nomads in Cyprus

residence visa

Residence for foreigners who come to the island to do remote work

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Since last October, the Cyprus government has introduced a visa for “digital nomads”, which grants residency to foreigners who come to the island to perform remote jobs, via the Internet, paid by their employer companies (or by their own company), or to perform freelance work, for clients located outside of Cyprus.

To receive the digital nomad visa, you must demonstrate, by means of a bank receipt or salary receipts, that you have a minimum net income of 3,500 euros per month. Other requirements are to have a place of residence, health insurance and be free of criminal records.

The right of residence is initially granted for one year, with the possibility of renewing it for another two years. For tax purposes, if the stay in the country amounts to more than 183 days in the same fiscal year, then the visa holder is considered to be tax resident in Cyprus, unless they are tax resident in another state.

The number of permits available for this type of visa was limited to 100, but last month it was raised to 500 by agreement of the Council of Ministers.

The relatives of a foreigner who enjoys the digital nomad visa also have the right to reside, but not to work on the island. As for the minimum salary of 3,500 euros required, it is increased by 20% for a spouse or partner, and by 15% for minor children.

the island of cyprus

Although, geographically, Cyprus belongs to the Near East, the island is considered part of Europe; in fact, it has been a member of the EU since 2004. It is a bridge between three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe.

The climate is Mediterranean-temperate, with very hot summers. The official language, Greek. The capital city, Nicosia.

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