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St. Julians. Malta. Photo by Tana Dorta - Globoconsulting
St. Julians. Malta. Photo by Tana Dorta - Globoconsulting

new residency program

In Malta there was already a visa for investors, the change with the new program is that the purchase requirement of € 250,000 in bonds was completely eliminated and the minimums for real estate investment were raised.

The applicant must demonstrate that they have a minimum of half a million euros in capital assets, of which € 150,000 must be available financial assets. It is also required to rent or buy a property in Malta. The minimum purchase value is between € 300,000 and € 350,000 depending on the area of the country.

Malta is a captivating Mediterranean paradise with multicultural roots, for many, the ideal place for retirement or to work as digital nomads. The new residency program offers the possibility of residency at a very reasonable cost and in a very short time.

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