Digital Transformation

Globo Consulting, committed to updating the services it offers its clients, is constantly exploring new technologies in order to evaluate them and select already mature and proven solutions.

Soon we will be offering our clients a range of innovative technologies for the digital updating of their companies and businesses.

A technology that has been revolutionizing various industries is the so-called “blockchain”. In simple words, it is the old idea of a ledger, now digitized, but -very importantly- digitized in an ingenious way: the information in the ledger is now replicated as blocks of data linked in a network of distributed computing. Blockchain is a shared and immutable ledger for recording transactions and tracking assets. A reliable ledger. Companies all over the world are adopting it.


Blockchain-based supply and control systems for companies and industries

NFT solutions

Non-fungible token that works like a digital asset, for companies, industries and artists


Tokenization of companies and projects, for protecting sensitive data


Decentralized web systems

Crypto assets

Crypto asset management platforms

details coming soon

We grow with our Client. By keeping the focus on the Client, we expand our knowledge

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