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Corporate Structuring Services

Corporate Structuring Services Globo Consulting has over 10 years of experience in international tax treaties, investment protection and tax information exchange agreements. We count with an ample network of international financial service providers allowing us to design and implement legal and tax-complaint structures. Our independence from them enables us to advise our clients on the […]
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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance When corporate structures become of a high complexity or simply to large it is sometimes advisable to introduce principles and policies aiming for a corporate government in order to identify groups of interests, shareholders rights, adequate board of directors, internal and external controls, transparency and information management, conflict of interest administration and resolution, […]
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Fiduciary And Corporate Services

Fiduciary And Corporate Services Globo Consulting makes available to its clients its fiduciary services comprising directorship and/or board member services in jurisdictions where clients are precluded from, or not available for playing such a role. Additionally, we take care of review and drafting of international contracts to back up international business operations, in the interest […]
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Tax Advice/Consultancy

Tax Advice/Consultancy Globo Consulting prepares a consolidated annual forecast report of fiscal obligations and coordinates together with local accounting firms and auditors the accurate and timely submission of tax returns of each administered corporate structure. Thus tax efficiency and compliance are ensured.
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International Arbitration

International Arbitration Globo Consulting Group team has the global resources and experience to handle the largest, most complex disputes confronting businesses and governments throughout the world. With a comprehensive network of offices worldwide, our team lawyers seamlessly serve clients on a global basis in real time and around the clock. Our arbitration lawyers have significant […]
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Service Providers Management

Service Providers Management Globo Consulting provides relationship management services, simplifying the interaction between our clients and their service providers and business partners. This consists in acting as single point of contact between our clients and all there service providers. This includes the day-to-day relationship, the reviewing of legal documentation and agreements and handling the invoicing […]
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Wealth Planning Services

Wealth Planning Services As the financial world continues its march towards a more transparent and open environment, regulations governing private wealth are felt more and more. It is time to adopt more formal governance structures, implement risk management programs and embed more rigorous controls.  Protecting your wealth and ensuring a multigenerational wealth transmission is among […]
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Fatca Services

Fatca Services Globo Consulting Group has the proper knowledge to advise your prestigious institution with regards to compliance structures concerning FATCA. We keep careful track of the rules concerning FATCA for IGAs newcomers and current standards in the industry. In response to these challenges we have experienced professionals in the field, consisting of lawyers, accountants, […]
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