Globo Consulting Group has the proper knowledge to advise your prestigious institution with regards to compliance structures concerning FATCA. We keep careful track of the rules concerning FATCA for IGAs newcomers and current standards in the industry. In response to these challenges we have experienced professionals in the field, consisting of lawyers, accountants, economists, former bankers and advisers financial whom have prepared customized solutions for all sorts of financial institutions in order to efficiently comply with FATCA rules. Our focus is mainly on trusts, foundations, corporation and private investments, mutual funds and private equity funds. Globo Consulting Group offers the following services

  • Review and identification of vehicles and compliance by taxing jurisdiction.
  • Browsing through the complex regulations of FATCA and IGAs and guidance on IGAs in order to determine the classification of the customer entity.
  • Compliance verification procedures and due diligence to identify whether an account is maintained directly or indirectly by a US Person or dual nationality.
  • Update the changing circumstances of the situation of all FFIs, NFFEs and holders of financial accounts.
  • Preparation of W-8BEN-E forms and similar forms that may be required by banks to establish the FATCA state.


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